Clones & Remakes

Here is a compilation of various Tunneler clones & remakes I’ve encountered.

First, here’s the original Tunneler for comparison:

Tunneler Screenshot  Tunneler Screenshot


Tunneler for the iPad by Andrej Tetak (2013): This looks like a pixel-perfect port to the iPad!

Tunneler for the iPad  Tunneler for the iPad


Tunneler for Android by the MyFlashLab team (2013): A single player (human vs. computer) implementation.  Even the menu pages retain the original DOS feel!  Here’s a review by The Droid Guy.

 Tunneler for Android Screenshot  Tunneler for Android Screenshot  Tunneler for Android Screenshot


SDL Tunneler by Taneli Kalvas (2003-2007): multi-platform (via SDL). Source code is here.

SDL Tunneler Screenshot


Tunnel Tanks by Raymond Myers (2010): multi-platform (another SDL implementation). Source code is here. Includes fancier arena “mazes”, and computer “AI” opponents:

Tunnel Tanks Screenshot


GM Tunneler by Erik Leppen (2007): Windows. Adds: “configurable map settings (including a randomize option), custom player colors, and the placing of turrets at the cost of some energy.”

GM Tunneler Screenshot  GM Tunneler Screenshot


Pyros’s Mobile Miners by Avishay Yagoda (2000): DOS. Includes lots of additional weapons and options.

Pyros's Mobile Miners Screenshot  Pyros's Mobile Miners Screenshot


TunnelerDS by MagNet (2007): Nintendo DS

TunnelerDS Screenshots


Tunnelers by Floating Minds (2010): Windows. Network play. 3D bird’s-eye view. Many options, weapons, and arena options.

Tunnelers Screenshot  Tunnelers Screenshot


Liero by Joosa Riekkinen & Erik Lindroos (1999): Windows (before Windows 7). While not truly a remake, this game has a look and feel that definitely seems inspired by Tunneler. Also check out OpenLieroX.

Liero Screenshot  Liero Screenshot


Tunneler2 by Allan Lavell (2011): Written in Python.  Network play.  [no good screenshot available]

Tunneler2 Title Screen


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