Tunneler is a top-down perspective game written in the early 1990s for DOS on IBM-PC compatible computers. Two tanks explore an underground realm, venturing from their protective bases to dig tunnels and find their opponent for battle.

This game was novel in that it allowed two players to battle simultaneously on the same computer, with two windows and a shared keyboard. The game also used the “undocumented” CGA 160 x 200 pixel 16-color graphics mode.

Here are some screenshots. Here is the initial state, with both tanks in their bases. To independently scrolling windows show each player’s view:

Tunneler: Tanks in Bases

Battle! Blue finds Green:

Tunneler: Battle

Score! Green destroys Blue:

Tunneler: Explosion

The bottom of the screen includes a dashboard with energy level (“E”) and shield status (“S”). Return to either base to recharge. Run out of either, and you’re dead. The view window is distorted by static interference when low on energy:

Tunneler: Low Energy Display Interference

After either player is destroyed three times, the game is over. An overview map is shown:

Tunneler: Overview Map

A simple statistics page shows shots fired, shots hit, tunnel length, and distance traveled:

Tunneler: Stats

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